ALIGHT - Sustanaible Aviation



Implementing sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) is key to obtain zero carbon operation in Copenhagen Airport. 

Two barriers are at stake. The supply of sustainable aviation fuels and the operation and logistics of handling such fuels in a major airport. 

A wide range of delivery aspects will be handled in ALIGHT leading to a continuous supply to the airport. The goal is to create solutions that will meet the demands of the airport and end users in terms of climate, economy and supply. ALIGHT will demonstrate an innovative concept for fuelling infrastructure, logistics and blending operations.

Objectives are:

  • To create optimal conditions for the supply of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) to Copenhagen Airport
  • Assess new propellant options for the aircraft stand of the future
  • To implement and use SAF in CPH in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • To monitor and assess sustainability, including greenhouse gas and air emission reductions and to ensure that best practice sustainability principles and targets are applied.

Fuel supply chain

The goal is to improve the logistics chain and make the use of SAF more efficient and cost-effective. Complete fuel chain certification will be obtained. A best practise guide for SAF handling and logistics will be developed.

Usage of SAF

SAF uptake processes and smart use of SAF should be improved. A digital platform will assess the performance of new SAF candidates (DLR SimFuel). A digital twin will be developed to be a digital record of the whole value chain of the specific fuel for tracing eg. fuel properties.

Economics of SAF

Economic models will demonstrate the cost benefit of SAF. Furthermore, a novel methodology for reporting and accounting of SAF will be developed.


Best practice sustainability principles and targets are applied to the development. The full SAF supply chain will be assessed using the RSB certification and requirements of the EC Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) and ICAO CORSIA. Environmental benefits will be quantified.