ALIGHT - Sustanaible Aviation


Industry and SME companies providing technological knowledge and innovation

Technology providers 

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

SAS is the largest airline in Scandinavia and its main hub is CPH. SAS conducted more than 800 scheduled flights daily in 2018. In addition, SAS offers ground handling services, technical maintenance and air cargo. SAS wants to reduce

CO2 emissions by 25 % by 2030 and is pushing for large scale production of SAF in Scandinavia.

As a participating airline, SAS will host demonstrations and give input to day-to-day operation of SAF.

Air BP

Air BP is one of the world's largest suppliers of both aviation fuels, including AVGAS and kerosene jet fuels and lubricants. AirBP is to be found in over 1000 airport locations in 70 countries.

Air BP will among others supply sustainable aviation fuel.


Airbus is one of the world's top Aircraft manufactorer and has great experience within

the field of smart usage of sustainable aviation fuels. 


In close collaboration with other key partners in ALIGHT, Airbus will perform crucial cost
benefit analyses on future SAF scenarios and help determine both feasibility and
viability of each of the identified scenarios for sustainable aviation.

Hybrid Greentech

Hybrid Greentech is developing software service solutions to facilitate electrical energy storage (e.g. battery, fuel cells). They promote energy storage to obtain 100 % renewables in the energy and transport sector.

Hybrid Greentech will implement and demonstrate smart charging of electric vehicles. They will provide guidelines for energy storage at the pilot site and implement smart energy management. 

Brændstoflageret Københavns Lufthavn (BKL)

BKL takes care of pumping jet-fuel to the airport, storage of jet-fuel and subsequent pumping of the fuel through the hydrant system, which is an underground piping system to the individual aircraft stand.

BKL will be responsible for supply of SAF through existing pipelines or alternative routes. Necessary procedures will be described for both small and large-scale airports.

BMGI Consulting

BMGI is a consulting company working primarily with exploitation and dissemination in EU projects and business development within energy and transport.

BMGI will be responsible for an exploitation plan and describing a bold vision for future airports in 2050.