ALIGHT - Sustanaible Aviation

A lighthouse for the introduction of sustainable aviation solutions for the future

With Copenhagen Airport as the lighthouse, an example of the sustainable airport of the future will be created. The project will both focus upon infrastructure for sustainable aviation fuel and renewable energy sources for ground activities. 

Sustainable aviation fuel

The goal is to improve the logistics chain and make the use of SAF efficient and cost-effective. An innovative concept will be demonstrated at CPH.

Renewable energy sources 

Sustainable aviation fuel is a key element in achieving climate goals for aircrafts. Electricity is the preferred renewable energy carrier for airport operation.

Smart energy

Smartening of airport energy supply and use will be demonstrated. A smart energy system will ensure utilization of renewable energy.

Happening right now!

Kick-off meeting for the CEN Workshop on Sustainable Avaiation Fuels (SAF)

July 2024

The objective of this Workshop is the development of one CEN Workshop Agreement intends to raise awareness and alignment about the key role of SAF in the transition to carbon neutrality in the aviation sector, as well as to explain the environmental benefits.


ALIGHT is an EU-funded Smart Airport project. It had its take off November 2020. 16 European partners are working towards zero-emission aviation.

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