ALIGHT - Sustanaible Aviation



ALIGHT will contribute to achieving environmental targets set by national governments, the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) and the Paris agreement. A concept will be demonstrated for the sustainable way towards zero emission airport operation.

Tools will be developed in order to ensure a smooth and efficient replication possibility at a pan-European scale. 

To ensure maximum impact of the ALIGHT project, a replication toolbox, best practice handbooks and extensive exploitation, dissemination and communication activities will take place.

Objectives are:

  • To establish close cooperation with similar activities and projects in Europe, share best practices and contribute to a bold vision for smart airports 2050 as part of a smart cities
  • To develop a replication toolbox (including best practice handbooks) and a bold vision for future airports (2050)
  • To provide input for tailoring of best practice and transfer to Fellow Airports
  • To involve relevant stakeholders and keep them updated through targeted dissemination activities


Throughout the project, alternative fuels and measurements towards zero carbon airport operation will be implemented. 

ALIGHT will measure the improvements in ambient air quality. This will be performed based on the existing CPH setup for monitoring airport air quality (NOx, UFP etc.) and additional mobile measurement campaigns by the German Aerospace Centre. The latter will focus on aircraft emissions including black carbon.

ALIGHT will allow differentiation between soot emission and release of volatile particles and, thus, is significantly extending the techniques of regular environmental monitoring.

The implementation of SAF and enhancements in ground traffic are expected to reduce the emission of particles and combustion gases into the environment at ground level and thereby provide significant health benefits.