ALIGHT - Sustanaible Aviation


ALIGHT is a H2020 Smart Airports project with  Copenhagen Airport (CPH) as lighthouse


Copenhagen Airport has ambitious climate goals and wishes to be carbon neutral in 2050. 

CPH, the main airport in Denmark, represents the ideal Lighthouse Airport for several reasons.

  • Ambitious climate goals
  • Climate ambitions of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), for which CPH is the hub
  • A growing desire to help facilitate production of local, sustainable and effective SAF
  • Climate ambitions of the city of Copenhagen and the Danish government

CPH climate goals:

  • Be a green powered airport (using renewable energy)
  • Have lean, green and clean ground transport (fossile free equipment and transport)
  • Accelerate Net Zero aviation

2030: Net Zero airport and ground transport

2050: Net Zero total airport operations

Denmark has the world’s most ambitious CO2-reduction targets

The national Danish government has committed Denmark to a 70 % CO2 reduction goal by 2030. Climate partnerships are established with all major CO2-emission sectors, including the aviation sector.

The Copenhagen region is well connected for SAF and smart Energy

The Copenhagen region has the potential to host a sustainable SAF production based on biomethane, hydrogen from surplus PV production and CO2 from carbon capture.

Biomass, waste and wind power

It has a heating and power supply from large combined heat and power plants (CHP) based on biomass and waste. In nearby Øresund and the Baltic Sea, new large-scale offshore wind parks provide access to a low-cost renewable power supply.

Synthetic SAF

There is also a growing interest among stakeholders to establish a production of synthetic SAF close to CPH.